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Our Services

Our Services

The world of business has the power to implement global change so let’s invest in the people who can do this.

We understand that every event has multiple stakeholders, and we’re really good at managing different needs.

Whether your stakeholders are internal like your staff, volunteers, investors or shareholders, or external like your customers or clients, brand ambassadors or the media, these are the people who are in the best position to help your organisation to deliver on and enliven your vision.

By building trusted relationships through immersive learning experiences, we can activate potential into action and effect real, measurable change.

“Working strategically with Antidote means that we are able to offer a value added service to our clients; they deliver consistently, they have an invaluable understanding of our organisation, they are reliable and are focused on ensuring that all objectives are met. This company is highly recommended”.

Foster Pedley Learning

Strategic development & executive education

We develop interactive modules, combining academic frameworks with corporate learning principles, to bolster the attainment of your organisation’s strategic objectives.

Whether through local events or virtual programmes operating across continents, our unique South African context offers a rich learning environment. Our incredibly robust civil sector lends itself to myriad engagement opportunities. We work with real organisations here in South Africa that need help with real problems and together we ensure that your investment in your stakeholders makes a lasting difference. A live project like this enables learning at a much deeper level, creating a practical application for theoretical principles.

This is about creating experiences that trigger the kind of learning and growth that empowers individuals to go back home and implement real change in their own communities.

Experiential brand immersiOn

A deep-dive immersion can help your organisation’s stakeholders understand your brand and its values on another level. We do depth rather than breadth and allow the people that matter to you to have an immersive experience that always comes back to your business goals – whether it be a product launch, a brand activation, a sponsorship evaluation or brand ambassador development programme.

Service Learning Programmes

Engaging students or members of your organisation in a wide range of experiences is deeply enriching to their learning. At the same time, if their study programmes can benefit others and a community, they hold all the more value. Developing practical community-based programmes that advance the goals of your curriculum is one of our specialisations. We work hand in hand with educational institutions and on-the-ground social community organisations to develop the most value for everyone involved. These experiences hugely benefit not only the service learning participants and your own organisation, but also the civil sector and the communities they serve.

Incentive Programmes

Investing in your people can be the best investment in your business. We can facilitate the growth of your stakeholders in a way that bolsters your long-term relationships and provides tangible value to everyone involved by creating incentive programmes that may involve travel abroad or exchange programmes with other relevant organisations. Let’s create the kind of real-world experiences that get your stakeholders asking those questions like, ‘Why should I care? And what can I do about it?’ to empower them to be more and do more. Inspired stakeholders perform at the top of their game.

Stakeholder-driven strategy

Working with your stakeholders to find out what’s important to them within your organisation’s context, we can fine tune your strategy so that it has buy-in from everyone involved. The people who engage with your brand, organisation or product are best placed to contribute meaningfully to the longevity and sustainability of your business. Honest and insightful feedback can help you to remain strategically relevant in the ever-changing, competitive world of business.

Vision & mission distillation

Organisations don’t always have a fully formed vision that’s understood and lived by all stakeholders, but investing the time in this process, or revisiting these questions from time to time, can have lifelong value. We can work with your organisation to help elicit, develop and distill your vision and mission. In a corporate context it’s important that your internal stakeholders – the people who have to implement your brand vision – are your brand ambassadors.

“Antidote has an intrinsic understanding of our company and various brand needs;
coupled with their efficient, reliable and organised service, they are the perfect partner to manage our prestigious national key product launches.”

Inge Ferreira – PR Manager, Elizabeth Arden SA

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